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PREPSKILLS® Write for Life™ Oncology Book Contest

Inspire others with your words of wisdom, consciousness to new ideas, blessings of hope, revelations of an illuminating journey, recollections that replenish the spirit, or rejoicing stories of courage and triumph. An inspiring artistic submission will also be chosen for the book cover. Wings of Hope™ is designed to help each of us connect to a deeper and greater understanding and appreciation of life and the potential that it offers. Life is a gift, and the best way to honour that gift is to, like a butterfly, simply take wing and fly.

DEADLINE for Submissions: November 29, 2013

Submissions without a completed online entry form or this official form will be disqualified from the Contest. Printable Form: Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

Attach your Artwork and/or Written Work. Acceptable Formats are: jpg, png, eps, tif, psd, txt, rtf, pdf and doc. Please limit file size to under 5 MB.