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PREPSKILLS® Write for Life™ Oncology Book Contest

The Hope of the Butterfly

I look around me and I see darkness. I wonder where I am.
It is cold.

I cannot see, but I can hear laughter and singing.
Oh, how I long to break through the dark-ness and see the
sun once again!

For a while I will not see the diamond like moon, or the lemon drop sun. I imagine being outside again; taking in breaths of the fresh, cool air, watching the dew disappear from the grass like mist.

I push. Whatever binds me cracks. I push again, and see a glimmer of light.

I struggle, and struggle.

Finally I see the morning sun.
I stretch out my wings and shake them off.
I am now brave, strong, and beautiful.

I am a butterfly!

Eileen Nash
Grade: 3
School: Havergal College

February 24, 2008
Joanna and her son Nathan (18 months) support Eileen Nash, Grade 4 Havergal student and 2007 Junior written submission winner of the PREPSKILLS® Wings of Hope™ book contest in support of the Childhood Cancer Foundation. Eileen casting as "Chip" the teacup, in the Fallen Rock Production of Beauty and the Beast, continues to passionately contribute to a wonderful cause, as proceeds from the production help children with cancer! Eileen, thank you for helping to make a significant difference!


PREPSKILLS® Write for Life™ Oncology Book Program Contest 5th Edition

PREPSKILLS® is pleased to publish "Wings of Hope", a collection of inspiring words and images that will be distributed to the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children and select Clinics, Charities, Hospices and Doctors Offices.

Inspire others with your words of wisdom, consciousness to new ideas, blessings of hope, revelations of an illuminating journey, recollections that replenish the spirit, or rejoicing stories of courage and triumph. An inspiring artistic submission will also be chosen for the book cover. Wings of HopeTM is designed to help each of us connect to a deeper and greater understanding and appreciation of life and the potential that it offers. Life is a gift, and the best way to honour that gift is to, like a butterfly, simply take wing and fly.


  • Along with an acknowledgement in the "Wings of Hope" book,
  • The student who submits the most inspiring selection will receive $100.00.
  • The student who submits an artistic selection chosen for the book cover receives $100.00
  • The school with the most submissions will receive a plaque.


  1. Visit www.PREPSKILLS.com and click the WINGS OF HOPE link.
  2. Complete the registration form and click on the "Submit" button when finished. Maximum Length: 350 words
  3. Art submissions size must be no larger than 8.5" x 11" and ensure your artwork is labeled with student's full name, grade, school and teacher's name. Original Artwork/Design must be submitted by mail to: PREPSKILLS INC.,
    876 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 2L1
  4. ALL participants must complete an entry form whether it is a written or art submission.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all

MAY YOU ALWAYS be inspired to stand tall in the sunlight.
To seek out the bright face of beauty.
To SEE THE WORLD through the eyes of tenderness.
To love with openheartedness.
To speak the quiet word of comfort.
To look up to the mountain and NOT BE AFRAID to climb.
May you always be aware of the needs of others.
BELIEVE in the wonder of life.
The Miricale of Creation.
The Joy of Love.
The Beauty of the Universe.
The Dignity of the Human Being.
- Hadin Marshall-




Wings of Hope Journal is sponsored in part by:
Dundee Wealth Management


"In your eyes we see the hope of the World.
For it starts with one Child and that is you.

In you is our hope.

It blossoms and grows inside your thoughts, feelings and words.
It comes to life through your words and actions.

Your spirit is our hope.

Next time you need hope, know that as you think of us, we think of you.
Together, our hope is strong and our spirits are raised to new heights to believe that we are here to create a miracle.

That miracle is you.

Thank you for being you."